Antithesis bracelet in copper


The Antithesis bracelet is a reversed cuff meant to be worn with the opening facing up so that the subtle inlay is seen, although, you can wear the bracelet traditionally especially if you are requesting a custom inlay pattern.

These bracelets start as solid 6mm square rod.  After drawing them down to 4.5mm and hand forging to the desired cuff shape the contrasting inlay of copper or sterling silver is riveted in the opening of the bracelet.

***Items listed as “available on backorder,” are made to order.  Lead times rarely exceed 2 weeks and most of the time are shipped within one working week. ***

-sizing information- located below.


Copper will age and take on a patina (coloring) that is unique to the wearer as shown in one of the product images.

I don’t put any type of sealer or protectant on the metal to prevent discoloring for two main reasons:  it will wear off in time and some people could have a negative reaction to the chemical.   Ultimately, as many items designed by Jamie Feinstein Jewelry Design, this is meant to age beautifully.

-Sizing information-

The sizes are straight forward.

Cuff openings are as follows:

  • 5.5″ has a 1″ opening
  • 6″ has a 1.25″ opening
  • 6.5″ has a 1.5″ opening
  • 7″ has a 1.5″ opening

To size your wrist, measure the circumference between the wrist bones and your hand as snug as possible.  Subtract 1/2″ and this would generally be your bracelet size.

****For example: if your wrist measures 6 inches around using a piece of string touching end to end and then laid flat to use a ruler to measure the length then you would typically want to order a size 5.5″ bracelet. ****

Custom sizing is available as well as using unlisted materials.  If you are interested in having an Antithesis bracelet made specially for you with a custom inlay pattern please inquire on my contact form.

Additional information

Cuff bracelet size

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