Lux Cube Pendant


•  Light,minimal and effortless to style.

•  Pendant is 6mm cubed (would just fit inside your pinky fingernail).

•  Sturdy 14k yellow gold chain is thin yet durable (compared to sterling silver).

•  Standard chain length is 18″ and can be shortened per request.

•  Pendant is reversible (triangle is either facing up or down).

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An elegantly simple everyday wear pendant!

The Lux Cube pendants are similar to the Cube pendant with the exception that the silver is accented with 24k gold.  To keep the light and effortless look, an upgraded chain is used: a finer 14k yellow gold chain.  The pendant comes standard on a 18″ chain which can be easily shortened to your individual length.

These pendants are hand made and the 24k gold accent is cut and placed by hand using an ancient Korean technique called keum-boo (kum-bo).  This is the process of fusing high karat gold to silver.  The look takes many steps to complete but when it’s done the possibilities are endless and I really enjoy the juxtaposition of modern style with ancient time honored techniques.


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Square in Square, Triangle in Square