Custom Classic Swiss Army Knife


Custom pocket knife with handle made from nickel, brass, and copper mokume gane.

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*** This item can be stamped with letters for initials or a significant date to further personalize as a gift! ***

This is a new Classic Victorinox pocket knife with a handle designed by Jamie Feinstein Jewelry Design. The handle was designed and made by Jamie in his studio located in Omaha, NE using mokume gane (wood grain metal) from 13 layers of metal(Nickel, Copper, and Brass).

Mokume gane is a process in metalsmithing that originated in feudal Japan.  It is a very time and labor intensive process that takes a lot of experience to achieve professional results.  The patterns in my mokume gane pieces are done by hand and thus tend to be like snowflakes or fingerprints.  At a glance the pattern may look similar but no two pieces are exactly alike.