Original “joe,” bracelet in sterling silver


Unisex- Hand forged hollow from a single sheet which makes this bracelet light but remarkable strong.  Unique shape follows the the wrist and lays flat even when the wrist is pressed against a surface.  Most round bangles and cuffs will pop up and away from the wrist.

-sizing information- located below.

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These bracelets are finished out with a satin finish and will patina / take on their own coloring over time.   The more you wear this bracelet, the more it becomes unique to you.

-Sizing information-

The sizes are straight forward.

Cuff openings are as follows:

  • 5.5″ has a 1″ opening
  • 6″ has a 1.25″ opening
  • 6.5″ has a 1.5″ opening
  • 7″ has a 1.5″ opening

To size your wrist, measure the circumference between the wrist bones and your hand as snug as possible.  Subtract 1/2″ and this would generally be your bracelet size.

****For example: if your wrist measures 6 inches around using a piece of string touching end to end and then laid flat to use a ruler to measure the length then you would typically want to order a size 5.5″ bracelet. ****

Custom sizing is available as well as using unlisted materials.  If you are interested in having a “joe,” bracelet made specially for you or you have any questions or concerns about sizing an item please inquire on my contact form.