Havee “joe,” bracelet


Unisex- Hand forged from a single sheet of sterling silver which makes this bracelet light but remarkable strong.  Unique shape follows the the wrist and lays flat even when the wrist is pressed against a surface.  Most round bangles and cuffs will pop up and away from the wrist.

-sizing information- located below.

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Havee pronounced “ha-vee,” is inspired from a beach near the artistic town of Hawi on the north side of the Big Island of Hawaii.   The town is home to many great artists and craftsmen and it seemed fitting to name the bracelet after the town near a secluded beach that I hold close to my heart.

These sterling silver bracelets have an oxidized highlighted hammer finish and will change / take on their own coloring over time.   The more you wear this bracelet, the more it becomes unique to you.

-Sizing information-

The sizes are straight forward.

Cuff openings are as follows:

  • 5.5″ has a 1″ opening
  • 6″ has a 1.25″ opening
  • 6.5″ has a 1.5″ opening
  • 7″ has a 1.5″ opening

To size your wrist, measure the circumference between the wrist bones and your hand as snug as possible.  Subtract 1/2″ and this would generally be your bracelet size.

****For example: if your wrist measures 6 inches around using a piece of string touching end to end and then laid flat to use a ruler to measure the length then you would typically want to order a size 5.5″ bracelet. ****

Custom sizing is available as well as using unlisted materials.  If you are interested in having a “joe,” bracelet made specially for you or you have any questions or concerns about sizing an item please inquire on my contact form.